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I love magic, and understand the importance of quality, knock-out effects. That is why I have dedicated myself to producing only the highest quality effects - stunners you will use. Here you will find my creations for the close-up magician, finger flingers and mentalists.

All of the effects you find here, however simple to use, were created with painstaking effort and attention to the smallest detail with you, the professional magician or mentalist, in mind. Shipping charges are $4.60 to anywhere in the U.S., and 6 dollars anywhere else - for the entire shipment. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line!

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Animal Instinct Small

Animal Instinct

Truly Killer Mentalism!

Impossible close-up mentalism using a diabolical method, proving your ability to control minds!



An impossible transposition!

This is the amazing psychic effect all the critics are RAVING about!!

PS - I Love You

Hard-hitting mentalism!

Nothing is stronger than magic occuring in the SPECTATOR'S HANDS!! Get ready for some screams!

Using nothing but your business cards and a pen, get ready for a knock-out Prediction System you will LOVE!


Dusheck`s Diminishing Cards

Devious. Simple. Stunning.

One of Dusheck's best!

The internationally acclaimed super open prediction can now be yours! The name says it. You must be  the real deal!

Dusheck and Shufton teamed up to present you with the worlds easiest diminishing cards. They shrink - and then they grow! perfect for close-up and walk-around!


For the discerning mentalist...

They invert a card in an ordinary shuffled deck and seal the deck in the box... while you are out of the room! How did you know the card and even the position? You must have X-Ray vision!

The Portal

A close-up dream come true!

A touch of Andrus and Wheatley in this new, fabulous close-up prop. Objects come, go and change when they pass through the Portal! Complete with an instructional DVD starring David Regal!

3D Paradox

The Ultimate Floating Match

Send their mind on holiday!

The floating match reaches new heights!

The original, highly acclaimed and best selling impossible location effect is here!

Emergency Cash

New transfer technology!

Emergency Cash is an evolutionary turning point for magic's most intriguing plot: a borrowed object to impossible location. Use a borrowed, signed bill for a knockout effect!

Two Little Mistakes!

You come through in the end!

Based on Ian Adaire's Panello (and with his permission), this amazing effect can now be performed anywhere! Miniature cards keep appearing between two blank cards - with a super, visual climax!

The Shufton Okito Box

Touted as the finest in the world!

Now in two styles, this self-contained miracle can be done anywhere!

Inner Change

Emergency Cash with coins!

When her marked coin vanishes without a trace, only to reappear in a nest of envelopes she was holding, she will experience an Inner Change - Nothing short of amazement!

The Card Catcher

Super visual astonishment!

Cards appear, vanish, change and relocate, right before their eyes, and under their nose! Visual magic at its best.

Miracle Premonition

Inexplicable open prediction!

Years were spent perfecting the design of this box. The result? The best feeling, easiest handling, most deceptive box in the world!

The prediction is on the table from the start. The card is selected from a FACE-UP deck. When the prediction matches, the heart must believe what the eyes perceive!


Wrinkles on the Table - Double DVD Set

This double DVD set features innovations with Cards and Coins, Cups and Balls, Okito boxes, table magic and close-up routines galore! The now - famous matrix routine included. Candy for finger flingers.


Crossroads, by Ben Harris, provides an interesting and versatile methodology for many seemingly impossible effects. Of special note is my own contribution, providing a way to perform ACAAN without ever touching the cards!


Silent Running

Continuing the Crossroads compendium, Silent Running provides a methodology for discovering cards that are only thought of!


Run Silent, Run Deep

The sequel to the remarkable Silent Running featuring dozens of routines, handlings and ideas from around the world. Imagine performing Brainwave without EVER touching the deck! That was one of  my contributions, but there are SO many more!

Featuring the clever thinking of Ben Harris!


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